The last queen of Egypt Cleopatra returns to Rome in style

The magic of Cleopatra

One of the women who ravished the world, the great seductress Cleopatra returns to Rome once more. The new Cleopatra exhibition – Cleopatra, Rome and the magic of Egypt – in Chiostro del Bramante opens the 10th of October and lasts until February, 2 in 2014. The 180 masterpieces on display give a peek into the fascinating and controversial life of this last Queen of Egypt (barely 20 when she first seduced Julius Caesar) and also explores (for the first time in exhibition history) Cleopatra’s “Roman years” from 46 to 44 BC with some rare, precious archaeological treasures on show.


Egyptomania in full swing

At the time Roman customs and fashions were heavily influenced by Cleopatra and her Egyptian courtiers. Hairstyles, jewellery embellished with the image of the sacred Uraeus (the snake symbolising sovereignty and immortality in Egypt), even homes, villas and gardens were inspired by the “magical” kingdom, Egyptomania was in full swing. Impressive are the beautifully crafted jewellery like the Snake’s Body Bracelet found in Pompeii, or the statue of the crouching wearing the headdress of the pharaohs, together with frescoes, mosaics, and precious silver and alabaster tableware unearthed in Rome and other parts of the Roman Empire.


Free, independent personality

To get a glimpse of how much Rome fell under Egypt’s powerful spell go to Chiostro del Bramante. Let the intelligent, determined, cultured and refined Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator seduce you too. Although, judging from the images she was not so beautiful as the legend proclaims. You must admire her brilliant mind and free, independent personality. She was far ahead of her time in that too.

Chiostro del Bramante
Arco della Pace, 5
00186 Rome
Monday – Friday 10am – 8pm
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