Fare l’aperitivo or facciamoci un aperitivo?!

Fare l’aperitivo or facciamo un aperitivo? Whatever way you want to call the ritual of the aperitif before a meal, fact is that the aperitivo has a near cult status in Roman urban life.

Aperitivo in its simplest sense is a pre-dinner drink, meant to open the palate and to stimulate your appetite, but it is also a casual way to meet up with colleagues, friends or even blind dates. Often used as the perfect way to start winding down your day, it gives you time to socialize or relax, while feasting on finger food, hors-d’oeuvres or a small buffet consisting of pastas, salads, meats and cheeses. Drinks during aperitivo time are generally discounted, although often have a supplement added to them to compensate for the refreshments being offered alongside. A good rule of thumb for evening aperitivo is from 6 till 9 p.m. In the coming year we’ll take a look at the Roman aperitivo culture, follow us on the Retroblog Rome blog and twitter.