Food Bloggers of Rome just shoot and share, Foodografia wants you to capture gastronomic Rome

In a city of such endless food possibilities like Rome, the right choice can be quite overwhelming. Some restaurants or eateries are good or even excellent, but there are also places which really disappoint. That’s why I am a massive fan of food blogs. Food bloggers take their readers on a journey, making them feel as though they are in a specific place with them, guiding them through what is good and bad. So, when in Rome do a little research and make the most out of your trip with the help of some local Roman food bloggers.

Food blogs are not a new thing in social media, but with a growing interest in the world of food, we want to share what we eat, taste, photograph and sometimes write about. Especially if you are a foodie like me you like to share the food (and in my case also wine) discoveries that cross your path.


This rising interest in food and gastronomy united Bloggokin, Eataly Rome and MAXXI in organising the first ever Roman food-bloggers social media competition. #FOODOGRAFIA was born, the 3 month contest aimed at food bloggers across Rome. To participate you need to write a food blog.

During the 3 months of foodografia -from Tuesday, September 1, 2015 until Monday, November 30, 2015-, each month will have a different theme, inspired by the exhibition FOOD spoon in the world at MAXXI (until next November 8). The participants should take a photo that represents the theme of the month.

September: On the road: being on the road and food
October: The food of the future: technology in the kitchen
November: The family meal: when flavour becomes


Each participant can submit only one photo for each theme. The photo should be sent to the email address, indicating: Your name, surname and blog address. You must also declare (in the body of the mail) that you accept the regulations. The photos have to be your personal property and each photograph should not be published prior on the web or used for other contests or projects.

Each month is also divided into two phases, the first (1 to 15 of each month) will be the one for sending/uploading the photo, while the second (from 16 at the end of each month) will be the period for voting. The photos send to the mail address will be uploaded to an album on the Facebook page of Bloggokin. You can send the photos up to each 16th day of the month by email, while on Instagram photos will be posted directly by the competitors. Here the same rule counts, uploading can only be done up to the 16th day of the month (on pain of exclusion from the competition), with the following tags and hashtags @eatalygram @bloggokin #foodografia #eatalyroma


Just shoot and share and be inspired by the themes proposed, seize your food moment and immortalize it. The rest of us will probably be jealous, and hungry.

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