The best gelato in Rome, Retrome’s top 3 gelaterias

Your first taste of delicious,creamy, sweet, frozen “Gelato” (the Italian ice cream) sums it up, you know you are (back) in Italy. In my opinion a gelato tastes nowhere as good as in Italy.

What a difference a real gelato makes

What makes the Italian gelato –gelato means frozen in English- unlike any other ice cream? First the texture is different; it is lighter and fluffier because it’s whipped when freezing at a slower speed than customary ice cream. It is denser because only 20 to 30 percent air is whipped into the mixture, compared to as much as 50 percent air in normal ice cream. Since Gelato is made with a greater proportion of whole milk to cream, it contains less fat and doesn’t coat the mouth as much, which makes the flavors more intense. And finally, a gelato is not completely frozen when served; a gelato is stored and served at a slightly warmer temperature.

In Rome we have a few favorite “gelaterias”

So there you are in Rome, wondering where to go for the best gelato. Retrome’s top 3:

Gelateria del Teatro, a 10 minute walk from Piazza Novona, just off Via dei Coronari, is not an easy find, but once you get there you’ll taste one of Rome’s best gelatos. Opened by former pastry chef and gelato maker extraordinaire Stefano Marcotulli, you’ll find he uses the best natural ingredients to create his gelato art. With so many flavors to choose from that it is hard to pick only one or two. You have no other choice than to come back for more again and again.
Via di San Simone, 70 – 00186 Rome
Lungotevere dei Vallati 25 (just past Ponte Garibaldi)


Gelateria I Caruso is a kind of new kid on the block of the artisinal gelaterias in Rome. They don’t have the most flavors to choose from, and what they offer is more traditional, but their vanilla and chocolate flavors are just out of this world. Characterized by an explosion of taste, their flavors change according to the season and the inspiration of the gelato maker. Well worth the trip.
Gelateria I Caruso
* Via Collina 13/15, (Termini) 00187 – Roma
* Via Gadames 26/28, 00199 – Roma
* Via di Castel Porziano 424, 00124 – Roma
* Corso d’Italia 82, 00198 – Roma


Fatamorgana was one of the first artisanal gelaterie in Rome to start playing around with weird and wonderful ingredients. There is no doubt that their ice cream is one of the best in the capital. Natural, excellent raw materials and wide variety of tastes, some of which change from week to week make up the gelato menu of Fata Morgana. No less than eleven types of chocolate, cream and zabaglione, fresh and dried fruit flavors of various kinds, you name it and they seem to have it. You only have to taste and the rest is gelato perfection.

* Via Lago di Lesina 9, 00199 Rome, Italy
* Via G. Bettolo 7, (Prati) 00195 – Roma
* Via Laurina 10, (Via del Corso) 00186 – Roma
* Piazza degli Zingari 5, (Rione Monti) 00184 – Roma
* Piazza San Cosimato, (Trastevere) 00153 – Roma
* Via Aosta 3, (Piazza Re di Roma) 00180 – Roma

There is even a Gelato Festival: check out the cities and dates on