In Rome Halloween expanded far beyond a simple trick-or- treat

A-typical Halloween in Rome

Halloween is not what you would call a typical Italian holiday, but the fun of dressing up in scary costumes, the carving of Jack-o’-lanterns to guide the lost soul of Jack, the spooky spiders (if a spider falls into a candle-lit lamp and is consumed by the flame, it’s to warn you that the witches are nearby), the haggard witch with a pointy black hat and warty nose, the trick-or-treating tradition of dressing up as a ghoul that would fool the evil spirits into thinking that you were one of them so that they would not try to take your soul, is catching up in Italy too. We collected 5 of the best Halloween parties and events in Rome on Thursday October, 31.


1. Testaccio 33 opens its door to a big Halloween party with a fantastic live show, a Halloween (re-)styling by professional make-up artists (for those who did not find the time to do it at home or want a Halloween make over) and a DJ set.
Testaccio 33
Via di Monte Testaccio 33
00153 Roma

2. Halloween at the OS-Club (@ walking distance from Retrome Rome) with a succession of skeletons, pumpkins and ghosts, Max Rezzonico and Geo from Hell with Andrea Delogu. Masks appreciated, but not mandatory.
Via delle Terme di Traiano, 4
00184 Rome

3. The Micca Club takes the Halloween in the direction of the French/Venetian festival of masquerades at the court of the libertine De Sade and the seducer Casanova and the world that surrounds these two characters, like the ladies-in-waiting, the incestuous Marquesas, the divine Justine, the perverse French noble, the rich Venetian, but also the Executioner, the penniless Dukes and Prussian princes and the bisexual servants or in other words the world of pleasures. Host of the evening will be the courtier Sior Mirkaccio with some help of Giuditta Sin’s burlesque l’Art Erotique. Entrance with a mask is 10 Euro, without 20 Euro.
Trevi Music Hole
Via degli Avignonesi, 72 (Piazza Barberini)
00187 Rome

Santa Muerte Halloween Party at Circolo degli Artisti

4. Santa Muerte Halloween Party at Circolo degli Artisti. Why not combine Halloween with the Mexican tradition of Santa Muerte and experience a night of (un)healthy fear and crazy fun with skulls wrapped in colourful veils, sombreros, flowers and candles. If it all becomes too much pay homage to the Blessed one, but only if you have a valid reason, otherwise you will regret it.
Circolo degli Artisti
via Casilina Vecchia 42,
00182 Rome

5. Are you in for dance music? Halloween/Pre-Brosio night combi at the Circolo Arci Dal Verme. The path of temptation, luxury and excess leads you towards the light of forgiveness, purity, divine enlightenment. You are strongly requested to wear a mask of the Holy Face of Brosio. Brosio’s holy face is downloadable via the Arci Dal Verme website
Circolo Arci Dal Verme
via Luchino dal Verme n°8
Roma (zona Pigneto)