Madonna’s global luxury brand Hard Candy fitness touched down in Rome


Did you know that the Material Girl opened her Hard Candy Fitness Colosseo, one of the trendiest sport clubs of the Italian capital, almost on our doorstep in 2013.

<h3>No Sweat , No Candy</h3>

Hard Candy Fitness, the global luxury fitness brand founded by Madonna, is located in the ex-Teatro Colosseo on Via Capo d’Africa, a three-story high building in the heart of Rome’s historic centre. The slogans at the entrance by Madonna ( Harder Is Better ) and Nicole Winhoffer ( No Sweat , No Candy) tell you what it is all about. To get your exercise juices flowing there are five dedicated exercise areas, each bearing the name of a Madonna song. “Harder” is the weight room, “Secret” is for the indoor cycling, “Re-invention” for anti gravity training, “Confession” and “music” respectively for the Kinesis Privee Studio and the aerobics room. Decorated in the Glam-Disco style Hard Candy Fitness also has a live DJ, yoga studios, lounge Espresso bar and an event area. The Rome’s branch will be managed in partnership with Italian fitness firm Dabliu.

<h3>Mentors are the key</h3>

Key features of Hard Candy centres are the mentors (helping you to improve not just your body’s condition, but also your personal well being), the disco-glam dance classes and “Addicted to Sweat”, a gym method developed by Madonna and her personal trainers. The brand’s signature “Addicted to Sweat” workout programs take place in a special group fitness studio which has a floating dance floor.


The bad news that they work mainly with yearly subscriptions. This compensated by the good news that you can always stop by for a visit without any commitment. By the way, Rome is the only city on earth that boasts not one, but two Hard Candy Fitness Clubs. In addition to Rome, which opened last year, Hard Candy has locations in Mexico City, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Santiago, Sydney and since late September 2013 also in Berlin.

If you want to pass by the first Hard Candy Fitness in Europe go to:
Via Capo d’Africa, 5
00184 Rome
The second location of Hard Candy Fitness is on Viale Romania, 22, 00197 Rome.