RomaEuropa & Digital Life: art to last you through the year


In 2012 Rome becomes once again the centre of global cultural exchange when the best artists, dancers, musicians, writers, actors, directors, and digital innovators from all over the world come to Rome to share and collaborate on performances and ideas in the RomaEuropa Festival.

The scale of the festival is impressive; for one, there are 9 Italian premieres, 1 European premiere and 5 other premieres during the festival. Second there is a growing score of dance, theatre, music shows, besides cinema, meetings with artists, art exhibitions & technology. The RomaEuropa Festival  lasts from September, 26 till November, 25 in 8 different locations. The theme of this years RomaEuropa  festival  -All that we can do- is dedicated to John Cage.

In addition, the RomaEuropa Festival also incorporates the “Digital Life 2012 – Human Connections”, a modular exhibition or art labs on three different locations showing the latest in digital art, research and technological innovations. Digital Life 2012 (from November, 15 till December, 16, 2012) offers the visitor 29 art installations & several hi-tech experiments, next to “Metamondi”, an event designed in collaboration with Telecom Italy.  In “Metamondi” four live concerts will be streamed online to showcase the potential of internet networks and cultural activities online.

In the Ex Gil complex the language of digital creativity and its connections with new advanced technologies reigns, presenting a number of installations created by young artists who were asked to imagine a specific relationship between space, technology and art. Ex Gil, Largo Ascianghi 5 (00153) Rome.

In  MACRO Testaccio the relationship between visual art, digital art, the performing arts and photography will be investigated through the dimension of creation, in a way that the distinctions between the different art expressions disappear. MACRO Testaccio, Piazza Orazio Giustiniani 4, 00153 Rome.

The Opificio Telecom Italia is more a place for meetings, talks and the projections of films, documentaries and videos. Opificio Telecom Italia, Via dei Magazzini Generali 20/A, 00154 Rome

Multimedia installations, sound environments, video art, interactive works, talks and events will showcase the work of artists Marina Abramović, Vito Acconci, Apparati Effimeri, Filippo Berta, Ciriaca+Erre, Jan Fabre, William Forsythe, Paola Gandolfi, Shilpa Gupta, Mike Kelley, Katarzyna Kozyra, Lech Majewski, Masbedo, Francesca Montinaro, Noidealab OverLab-project, Nam June Paik, Eddie Peake, Daniele Puppi, Quiet Ensemble, Cristina Rizzo, Zbig Rybczynski, Piero Tauro, Paul Thorel.

My favourites are:  Marina Abramović: The Artist is present, in digital life video by M. Akers, J. Dupree / USA / 2012, a very impressive digital record about Marina Abramović and her moving quest to challenge the limits and potential of physical and psychological resistance, and also, Zbig Rybczynski & Nam June Paik.

The RomaEuropa and Digital Life 2012 are also well represented on the internet, take a look Romaeuropa’s website to plan your program or to watch the numerous interviews with artists, video extracts and get information and its Web TV channel.
RomaEuropa & Digital Life 2012: is it enough art to last you through the year?