On March, 9 UKF brings the best of Dubstep to Rome for 1st time

What a coincidence. Just interviewed the organiser of Dubstep events 50Hurtz en Resist yesterday and noticed that in Rome Dubstep has taken off too. On March, 9 the ”UKF arrives in Rome with XKore and the best of dubstep”. If you are a fan of this kind of music it’s something you don’t want to miss.


For the ones who don’t know what Dubstep started off as underground form of electronic music originally influenced by Jamaican dub music. Dubstep has its roots in the late 90′s in the underground UK club scene. In the period following the millennium year Dubstep music began to gain more popularity. Dubstep-UKF-event-RomeProducers like DJ Hatha, Benga, Skream, and Digital Mystikz began to release independent albums which experimented with many different sounds that would later become characteristic of the genre. In the second half of the decade Dubstep artists even entered the UK charts, most notably, Magnetic Man with the song “I Need Air”.

Dubstep is now reaching mass attention in the USA thanks to its implementation in mainstream media. Skillrex, the well known American producer won a Grammy, while many chart-topping artists like Rihanna and Britney Spears feature Dubstep prominently in their music.

Dubstep has been described as tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals. ”The most recognizable trademarks of Dubstep are the heavy bass lines, two-step drums, and the prominent use of samples in the music. A more recent signature of the style is the “Bass Drop,” a sudden suspension of music, typically with a forceful, driving, surprising return” and also the slower and more experimental Post-Dubstep (see also: Allmusic.com).

Dubstep-UKF UKF is a brand that uses its Youtube channel and Facebook channel extensively to share the best dubstep and also podcasts of its events. Tomorrow March, 9 UKF arrives for the first time in Italy, at Brancaleone. Click here for more info on line up

Sat 9th Mar 23:00 – 04:30
Via Levanna,
11 Montesacro
00141 Roma
Web: www.brancaleone.it