Visit Rome on your smartphone or laptop through a 360◦ HD app

Rome at your fingertip with your app

Rome is just one of the world’s top destinations at your fingertips in the Arounder Touch an Iphone/Ipad2 and Android app that shows you different locations and places in the world through 360 degrees HD photography. The amount of places on offer is still somewhat limited, but the 360◦ photos are a great way to see Rome (Barcelona and other cities and sites around the world) from your laptop or smart phone.


Travel from your couch

Through virtual exploring you can time travel to a location from your couch, always useful if you’re planning a visit. Check out the other categories, like Shopping, Coffee, Bars & Pubs, and Restaurants, too. There’s the “nearby” button that will show your (virtual) location in the city and all the “must see” sights in the surrounding area; you can also create your own passport and share on social media.

For more Rome ( and Barcelona or other cities) go to the their website.

For more info on 360 degrees HD photography take a look at this video: